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Fighting against a huge, well-funded corporate behemoth is not a fight anyone insured should undertake alone. If the insured feels that their insurer is playing games with them and running the delay, deny, and defend script, then they can turn to Local Law Firm San Diego in La Jolla, CA for assistance in getting their benefits under the policy.

Mission Statement

Local San Diego Law Firm is committed to helping plaintiff tort claimants recover full and fair compensation on personal injury matters, employment-related litigation, insurance litigation, and general commercial disputes.

How We Can Help You

Headed by Atty. David Kaufman, our firm is committed to providing you with top-notch insurance litigation services. Kaufman is a dedicated advocate who fights for the rights of the insured to recover full benefits due under the policy.

Empathy and Experience

Mr. Kaufman understands his client's situation. He knows what it feels like for the insured to pay premiums and think that they have the protection that is promised in so many advertisements. They then wake up to the cruel reality that there is no coverage for their loss and that the insurer finds every excuse in the book to delay or deny them coverage.

Commitment to the Insured

If there is a denial by the insurer, Mr. Kaufman will look at the policy language and see if he can find coverage there, which he often successfully does. However, if the insurer is withholding full benefits due under the policy or is underpaying a claim, then Mr. Kaufman will fight tirelessly to get the client what is due to them, and nothing less.

Mr. Kaufman will put the pieces together on the claims adjudication process and pursue tort claims for breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing. This will happen if the insurer has tipped their hand and shown a willingness to place their own interests ahead of the insured in contravention of their duties under the law.

Why Trust David Kaufman

He is well-versed in the insurance business and knows firsthand the plays that insurers use to boost their bottom line. They delay, deny, and defend claims to wrongfully withhold benefits from the insured. It is a big corporate machine that consumes premiums but makes it very difficult for the people to obtain their due benefits.


About Atty. David Kaufman

Mr. Kaufman graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Law in 2009. He practiced criminal defense and personal injury before working in-house for a local hospital and health system. He currently specializes in personal injury law and is expanding into employment law, insurance litigation, and general civil litigation.

You can rely on Mr. Kaufman as he tirelessly advocates on behalf of clients who need a determined and dedicated lawyer who will work hard and intelligently to get real results. His practice is dedicated to litigation, with most, if not all, matters undertaken being actively litigated to resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been injured, and it was someone else’s fault. What do I do?

 If you have been hurt because of third-party negligence (dangerous condition of a property; professional negligence; product defect, etc.), the first thing to do is to get medical care.

It is very important to get into the emergency room or an urgent care center to obtain a proper diagnostic work up so that you can be made aware of the extent of injuries and then start treating to effectively manage the recovery process. It is also important to determine what medical treatment program or therapy will be to optimize recovery.

How do I pay for treatment?

If the client has no medical insurance, an attorney will assist the client to be treated on a lien basis. If the client has medical insurance, typically the commercial or government health plan will seek recovery of the amount paid for the treatment of injuries that resulted from third-party liability. The law firm will assist the client in negotiating down the lien amount that will be sought against any third-party recoveries.

What information does the attorney need to get started?

Typically, in case of an injury caused by third-party negligence, it is imperative to obtain photos of the incident or location where the claimant was injured. Obtaining all evidence of third-party negligence, injuries, and causation is extremely important as this is essential to prove up a claim for damages and assist in the process of obtaining full and fair compensation.
It is also helpful for the attorney to have any photos of any property damage and injuries as well as a statement from the client describing how the incident causing injuries occurred and actions taken by third parties that may have contributed to or caused the injuries. Witness statements are also critical as part of the initial investigation.

The attorney also needs a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant authorization for release of medical records and bills so that complete medical and billing records for treatment of the injuries related to third-party liability can be obtained.

What happens when I finish treatment?

When you have received treatment, the attorney will make a demand on the insurer of the other party to settle the claim during per-litigation if possible. If a reasonable offer is forthcoming, then the claim will be settled at this stage.

What if the insurer tries to lowball the settlement?

If a reasonable offer is not forthcoming from the negligent party's insurer, then the attorney will file a lawsuit and pursue recovery via litigation. Once the lawsuit is filed, there is a strong possibility that the matter will be settled out before trial and verdict.

According to statistics, 98% of cases filed are settled before they go to trial. With this, it is more likely for a case to settle once a lawsuit is filed.

How long will it take to obtain a recovery?

There is no easy answer. It depends on the facts of the case and the opposing party. Typically, if liability is clear, and the parties both have a similar appraisal of damages, the case will likely settle soon.

If there are issues such as differing opinions or appraisals of liability and damages, then the case will require litigation in order for the parties to come to terms. If the parties are irreparably far apart, then the case will likely have to be tried. However, owing to the time and expense of litigation, it puts pressure on both sides to be reasonable and attempt to seek a negotiated resolution of the dispute.

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